Online Casino Spade Games

Call break is a variation of the game Spades. It has many names in many areas. Sometimes it is called Lakadi, sometimes Lakdi or Spades or Call Bridge. Whatever names are given,the game is almost the same with slight variations.

The Setup

  • Any 52 card pack that is standard can be used to play call break.
  • Spades are always considerd as the trump in the game.
  • Other cards have seemingly no value unless it is trumped by a spade.
  • The cards are ranked from Ace to two from the highest position to the lowest.
  • Each player will be in charge of 3 cards at the beginning.


  • The game is being played in a manner that is anti-clockwise.
  • Before beginning the first round, the dealer has been chosen randomly.
  • The first call is being made by the person who sits next to the dealer.

The Game should be cancelled if-

  • One player has got all the Aces.
  • A person has not received any Queen or Ace or King.
  • A person has not received any spades.

Scoring System

  • Scoring system is based on points gained.
  • It depends on the called bid.
  • If a person secure less hands than what he or she had bid for he or she would lose.

Winning Strategies

  • The player should take calculated risks to win the game, be it online or offline.
  • A player should not make a call based upon a Queen or a Jack.
  • The player should pay heed into the fact that bid decides the score.
  • The bid must be called based on the situation.
  • The trump card must be followed as the lifeline of winning strategies.
  • The trump card must be played wisely.